The Most Important Part of a Golf Simulator: The Screen

As you’re shopping around for a golf simulator, you’ll realize that there are so many different things to consider. The fact is a golf simulator is made up of many different parts. How are you supposed to know the best option? It all comes down to the screen. If the simulator has a GC Quad golf screen, you’re in luck.

What Does the Screen Do?

The screen is the part of the golf simulator that does all the work. If you’re opting for a projector screen like the GC Quad golf simulator offers, you will be staring at the screen during your golf session.

The screen will display the image from the projector. The picture should be deep, immersive, and high-quality. You want to feel like you’re actually on the course working on your swing, not playing a blocky video game.

The other thing that a screen does is it offers feedback on your swing. When you hit the ball into the projector screen, the sensors and lasers will measure the spin, speed, and location the ball was hit. From there, the computers can create the simulation of your golf ball’s flight.

With a poor screen, the simulated flight will not be accurate. You will be wasting your time if the simulation doesn’t match what would happen in real life. At that point, you might as well be using a controller to play a golf game, not using a high-tech golf simulator.

When you’re using a great projector in your golf simulator, you’ll quickly notice the difference. The picture will be so realistic that you’ll get lost in the moment. You’ll really think you’re hitting the back 9 at Pebble Beach, despite golfing in your basement.

A low-quality screen can actually hurt your golf game. As you practice more on it, you’ll become more accustomed to how the low-quality screen reacts to your swing. After a while, you’ll wind up swinging according to how your screen reacts. When you take your new swing to the course in real life, you’ll bank each shot because you were ill-prepared thanks to a low-quality screen.

These reasons are why the screen is the most important part of a golf simulator. If you were to splurge on any single part of the simulator, it ought to be the screen. You’ll enjoy better gameplay, more realistic simulation, and a crisper image.


When it comes to your golf simulator, make sure it has a GC Quad golf screen. They have proven to be the leaders in this space, and they use the newest technology. The results are more realistic, and you’ll enjoy a better overall experience. Get lost in your golf game today!

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