Leading Wicket Takers: Ashes Never Disappoint

The Ashes is a series of cricket games between England and Australia. In 1882–1883, Cricket Australia hosted the first game in the Ashes series.

According to ashes live update, England and Australia usually play a Test match every other year, for a total of five matches. The Ashes are usually thought to belong to the team that won the most recent series. If the series ends in a tie, the team that has the Ashes will keep them.

  1.  James Anderson – 111 wickets –

James Anderson is a fast bowler for England. In 62 innings, he has taken 111 wickets. So, Anderson is the tenth bowler on this list of those who have taken the most wickets in the Ashes. Anderson has been a member of the team since 2006, and he has been a key part of many victories in that time. In the meantime, he’s quickly become one of the best athletes of all time. Anderson took 111 wickets with an average of 33.27. His BBM, on the other hand, is 10/158, and his BBI is 6/47. During his time with the Ashes, he has also taken the heads of five out of fifty people and one out of ten people.

  1. Ray Lindwall – 114 wickets –

During the Ashes, Australia’s fast bowling star Ray Lindwall has gotten 114 wickets in 51 innings. Lindwall is ninth among bowlers with nine wickets in the Ashes. From 1946 to 1959, Lindwall played for Australia. During that time, he took 114 wickets, which is a very good average of 22.44. His BBI is 7/63 and his BBM is 9/70 while this is going on. There have been six five-wicket hauls in Ashes Tests.

  1. Monty Noble- 115 wickets –

Former Australian bowler Monty Noble took 115 wickets in 66 innings. This makes him Australia’s all-time leader in the Ashes in terms of taking wickets. So, Noble is the sixth-best bowler when it comes to taking wickets in the Ashes. Noble played baseball for Australia from 1898 to 1909. In 39 games, Noble has taken 115 wickets, or outs, for an average of 24.86. He has a 13/77 BBM and a 7/17 BBI. He has had nine five-wicket hauls and two ten-wicket hauls while playing for the Ashes.

  1. Stuart Broad – 120 dismissals –

Stuart Broad has taken 120 wickets in 60 innings for England in the Ashes series. He does this by bowling very fast. So, Broad comes in at number eight on this list of bowlers with the most wickets in the Ashes. Since 2009, England’s team in the Ashes has been led by Stuart Broad. Broad has taken 129 wickets in 33 games, for an average of 29.70. His BBM, on the other hand, is 11/121, and his BBI is 8/15. He has also gotten seven wickets for one run and one for ten during his time playing for the Ashes.

  1. Bob Willis – 123 wickets –

Bob Willis used to bowl for England, but now he bowls for Australia against England in the Ashes. In 61 innings, he has taken 123 wickets against England. So, Bob is number six on this list of bowlers who have taken the most wickets in the Ashes. From 1971 to 1983, Bob played football for England in international games. With a respectable average of 24.37, Bob has taken 123 scalps in 31 games. His BBM is 9/18, while his BBI is 8/43. In Ashes tests, he has taken five wickets seven times.

  1.  Dennis Lillee – 128 wickets –

Dennis Lillee is a former fast bowler for Australia. In 48 innings, he has taken 128 wickets. So, Lillee is fifth on this list of bowlers who have taken the most wickets in the Ashes. Lillee was an important part of Australia’s national team from 1971 to 1982. Noble has an impressive batting average of 22.32 and has taken 128 wickets in just 24 games. His BBM, on the other hand, is 11/159, and his BBI is 7/89. He has also taken seven wickets for 50 runs and two wickets for 100 runs in Ashes tests.

  1. Lan Botham – 128 wickets –

Lan Botham, a fast bowler who used to play for England, also has 128 scalps, but he did it in 58 fewer innings. All of them happened during the Ashes test series. So, he is number four on this list of bowlers with the most wickets in the Ashes. Botham played for England from 1977 until 1989. Throughout 32 games, Botham has taken 128 wickets, with an average of 28.04 per game. His BBI is now 6/95, and his BBM is now 10/253. Botham has also taken seven five-wicket hauls and one ten-wicket haul in Ashes tests.

  1. Hugh Trumble – 141 wickets –

Hugh Trumble, an Australian spinner who used to play in the Ashes, has taken an impressive 141 wickets in 55 innings. So, Trumble is the third bowler in the Ashes who has taken the third most wickets. Trumble played for the Australian national team from 1890 to 1904. In just 31 games, he has taken 141 wickets at an amazing rate of 20.88 per game.

  1. Glenn McGrath – 157 wickets –

Glenn McGrath, a famous bowler, took 157 wickets in 60 innings for Australia during the Ashes series. So, among these bowlers who have taken the most wickets in the Ashes, McGrath is in second place. McGrath has been on Australia’s national team since 1994. In just 30 games, McGrath has taken 157 wickets, which is a great average of 20.92. Glenn McGrath’s BBI and BBM are both 8/38 and 9/82. During his time with the Ashes, McGrath has also taken 10 wickets in a single inning.

  1. Shane Warne – 195 wickets –

Another great Australian from the past makes the list. Shane Warne, who used to play for Australia, has taken 195 wickets in 72 innings during the Ashes. So, Warne is the bowler in the Ashes test series with the most wickets. Shane Warne was a member of the Australian cricket team from 1993 to 2007. In just 36 games, he has taken 195 wickets, which is a record. This is a great average of 23.25. Warne, on the other hand, gets an 8/71 on the BBI and a 12/246 on the BBM. During his time playing Ashes tests, Warne has also gotten rid of 11 five-fors (the most on this list) and four ten-for.


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