Why Productivity Measurement is Essential in 2021

With changing times, the responsibilities of HR have also upgraded and now it has increased further due to the pandemic. Now the HR professionals have to take a deep look into the remote team analytics as well. It is the responsibility of HR to manage to keep a vibrant workforce that can adapt to situations quickly with changing situations. So it becomes necessary to measure the productivity of the workforce to ensure that the growth of the organization is aligned to their individual growth as well. Measuring their productivity will help the HR team to identify the problems that lie before the workforce to sort them as quickly as possible before it affects the goals of the organization as a whole. Productivity will ensure that the employees can dedicate their full efficiency towards the completion of the work assigned. Hence it is a great concern for HR to identify its workforce so that they can support the workforce efficiently.

Analyzing the need for productivity measurement

In a very recent 2020 study by the Brandon Hall Group, it was found that productivity was one among the many indicators that were essential to engage the team efficiently. Productivity measurement sounds confusing but it can be done easily using many methods due to the increasing trends of technology. It should not be considered as a tool to punish the employees for deviating from their allotted active times but it can be used as a tool that can improve the working levels of the employees and in a way to help them in their personal growth. By correctly analyzing the productivity levels of the employees, information regarding the trends of a remote team can be correctly identified, and hence strategies to improve their focus and their working patterns can be provided by the team.

How Productivity metrics will help the firm?

  1. It will help in understanding the employees better so that workload can be properly managed which will reduce their chances of burnout
  2. Empower the team to suggest possible solutions for their problems through active brainstorming sessions
  3. It can help to hold meaningful discussions with the team members and hence help them to co-ordinate with the team accurately
  4. Increase the accountability of the employees in a more transparent way

So, there are many workforce productivity solution  that can be beneficial to the workforce especially when it works remotely. Productivity is a tool that has to be ensured but not in a rigorous way to ensure that the employees feel disconnected from the team by increased monitoring that can affect their sense of working and supporting the team. The employees expect their organization to support them in the same way the employees work towards the attainment of the goals and hence maintaining a strong bond with the team. By collecting data concerning the productivity levels of the workforce, the HR professionals can help to correct the issues at an early stage and increase the engagement of the employees with the team.

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