Which vitamins are best for your skin?

Skincare is a ritual and an essential one at that. Being the largest organ of the body, skin performs the vital task of defense, serving as a barrier against the pathogens. 

However, there is more to skin than just the pragmatic. Our external appearance plays a crucial role in the social landscape, which in turn has implications for all facets of life. Therefore, meeting the societal standard of beautiful skin i.e., soft, dewy and youthful skin, involves taking care of it, in the right way. 

Unless we feed the skin the right products, we cannot expect it to look perfect. While the generic rules of healthy living are applicable, namely, eating well and exercising alongside getting plenty of sleep, one needs to step up to help the skin remain flawless and young. 

Certain nutrients are more effective than the rest. Whereas in some cases, the skin conditions determine the skincare regimen, hence consulting the best dermatologist in islamabad is important, however, for general cases, the vitamins to incorporate in your life include: 


Vitamin A

While many people gorge on carrots for its high vitamin A content to get better vision. But it is also just as, or even more so, beneficial for your skin. Vitamin A is great for improving the texture of the skin. 

It fortifies the cells of the skin, so that their protective function is enhanced. It also strengthens the cells, preventing the degradation and damage to the skin. 

Moreover, vitamin A also boosts the production of collagen, which is a vital skin protein. Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin taut and thus free from fine lines and wrinkles. It also plays a part in the restoration of the dead skin cells. Furthermore, vitamin A also stimulates the production of new cells, thereby leading to clearer skin.

As vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant, it gets rid of the damaging free radicals that lead to all sorts of complications in the body, and especially the skin where they promote collagen breakdown. 

Derivative of Vitamin A, retinols and retinoids are also important in the promotion of healthy skin. Retinoids increase cell turnover, which keeps the skin looking fresh and flawless. Its potent form, retinoid acid, helps in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Many acne treatments rely on these vitamin A derivatives to treat the breakouts. 

Vitamin A can be taken through diet or oral supplements as well. Many topical options are also available. 

Vitamin E 

Another important antioxidant is vitamin E. Protecting the skin from free radicals, it aids in the prevention of the collagen breakdown. Moreover, vitamin E also offers great protection from UV rays, especially when used in conjunction with vitamin C. 

It is also a great moisturizer; earning all the golden points because of the key role of moisturizers in skincare. Helping the skin stay smooth and hydrated, moisturizers prevent the appearance of wrinkles and signs of premature aging. 

Vitamin E also ensures that your skin is adequately nourished as dry skin can lead to the oil-producing gland into overing into overdrive. Consequently, problems like breakouts and blackheads ensue. 

Vitamin B-Group

The B group vitamins are vital for the proper functioning of the nervous system, but also have a pivotal part in skin care. 

A derivative of this group, niacinamide is a gold mine as it helps in decreasing signs of aging. It is excellent for brightening the skin. This derivative is also very effective in preserving the skin barrier. Furthermore, niacinamide also makes the skin respond better to moisturizers. 

As many people are plagued by large pores and haunted by dark spots, niacinamide acts as the perfect antidote. Other benefits of niacinamide include abating redness, lessening pigmentation and reducing signs of aging. 

Another skin friendly vitamin from the B-family is B-5, pr pantothenic acid. Its basic selling point is its ability to hydrate the skin, making it soft and supple. A smooth skin is also more visually appealing and allows for effective application of makeup as well. 

Vitamin C 


Another great vitamin for the skin (and soul) is vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant and also thus protects against skin cancer. Alongside being a great defense against sun damage and photoaging, it also helps in the effective working of the sunscreen as well. 

Moreover, Vitamin C also helps boost collagen levels, thereby ensuring the skin remains firm. It also is beneficial in getting rid of hyperpigmentation. It hence leads to a smooth, even and glowing complexion. It also helps in faster healing of the wounds. 

Usage of vitamin C in sufficient quantities also effective for remedying dry and ergo damaged skin. 

Since it’s a water-soluble vitamin, it has to be orally consumed, whether by supplements or diet. Many serums also contain vitamin C, but they are relatively high maintenance as the vitamin oxidizes fairly quickly, reducing the effectiveness of the potion. 

Also, some formulas are better than the others. If you are unsure to which to get, talk to the dermatologist in Rawalpindi for professional opinion to avoid any skin damage. 

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