When is the right time for your outdoor summer party?

First, watch out for any overlapping dates: Does the village festival, to which the whole city is invited, rise on the day of the party, or is someone close to you holding a party at the same time? In order to avoid time overlaps, it is best to plan a few months in advance and announce your party in good time, keyword “save the date”. If you stick to the schedule that was set up beforehand, then nothing can go wrong. Also, think about public holidays, school vacations, and birthdays that could happen in the weeks of your celebration. When choosing the perfect date, the weather and the time of year should also be taken into account.

The Arrangements that You Can Make:

So you’ve already met the taste of most people with a hot summer party and cool cocktails. Summer parties are considered the evergreens among festivals for good reason. This means that in most cases you are on the safe side when choosing the season. You only have to worry about a bad weather alternative if Peter is not in a good mood for you on the day of the celebration.

If it rains, you can set up pavilions to keep you and your friends dry. In addition, pavilions create a cozy atmosphere and they are attractively decorated and even more beautiful. In an emergency, the following applies: Borrow standing tables and tents. All right, offers you a large selection: You can easily choose tables, chairs, a bar counter or beer benches from our extensive range. Rent the furniture for your party on the date of your choice and, if you want, we will deliver everything to your home and will also be happy to take care of the assembly and dismantling. Also hire the Party Bus Toronto for the best results in this case as the buses are well organized and they can be used throughout the party now.

Outdoor winter party

If you are planning your celebration in the winter months but are still celebrating outdoors, please note the following: If you are

  • Celebrating in a garden that is not directly adjacent to a building, there may be problems with the water supply between November and March because of the water pipes can freeze. So plan a need for water canisters and the corresponding logistics in advance. This is cumbersome, but still better than a lack of water supply.
  • If you celebrate in a garden shed without fixed heating, there is a risk that your guests will have to celebrate undercooled. Remember to heat the interior sufficiently in good time to create a warm refuge for your guests, so to speak. Nothing is more uncomfortable for guests than being constantly cold and not even being able to warm up. To stand your legs in your stomach in the winter cold and still freeze, the mood quickly reaches new lows.
  • Warmth and light, on the other hand, give you and your guests a cozy atmosphere if they can make themselves comfortable in the heated interior of the garden house or pavilion. Electric radiant heaters, which generate cozy warmth outdoors and indoors, are ideal. Then there will definitely be no more freezing. Open fireplaces also have their special charm and a small stove can also give your guests cozy hours. If you have a smaller garden, it is best to set up fire baskets and fire pillars.
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