What Happens After a Criminal Conviction – Here is Your Answer!

People are often confused about what comes after a criminal conviction. If you have been found guilty of a criminal offense, make sure to contact attorney Nicholas Preovolos to get more information about your case. 

If it is proven that you are guilty of committing a criminal act after the trial, the jury will give you a sentence depending on your case. You can ask a court worker if you are required to pay any fines, have a meeting with a probation officer or follow any particular guidelines. 


Sometimes, the judge may grant you probation instead of jail time. This implies that you will be required to do community service and attend scheduled meetings with a parole officer to make up for imprisonment and show that you are improving as a person. The judge has the ultimate discretion in terms of imposing penalties. Certain legal restrictions on felony sentences and cases involving driving under the influence can complicate the case. 


If the judge decides to order imprisonment in your case, the police officers will take you to correctional centers. You will be allotted a case manager to assist you in working out the issues at your home. 

Life after a criminal conviction or jail

Continuing life after facing jail time is considerably difficult, without any doubt. However, you should not isolate yourself and try to make efforts to join society again actively. You can work on improving yourself and look for job opportunities in the meanwhile. Getting employment after being an ex-convict is not easy. However, certain employers hire people with a history of criminal background. The potential of landing a job largely depends on your future and the type of job you are applying for. You can ask your family or friends for references. You can also look for volunteering opportunities or try to become self-employed. Specific programs assist people with criminal records to start a new life by providing them with employment. This helps them in re-establishing their family and restarting life after imprisonment. 

Seeking professional help 

It is normal to experience mental anguish and frustration after returning from jail.

Get professional help if you are having trouble handling your emotions. If you have been in prison for a long time, you may have difficulties adjusting to the environment. This can have a significant impact on your emotional well-being. Try to ask your loved ones for support and practice positivity in your life. 

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