What Do You Mean by Email Hygiene And Validation?

In this article, we will take a look at what exactly is email hygiene & validation and why they are important.

What is meant by Email Hygiene?

By the term email hygiene, we refer to maintaining an up-to-date best quality, and clean email list. This usually implies getting rid of out-of-date records or those which are not working right now.

For doing this, one is to comprehend the difference between a soft bounce and a hard bounce in email. We usually encounter a hard bounce when somebody has left the business and an email address is not going to work anymore. However, although the email will still work when it comes to soft bounces, you will get some kind of message like “your email is not recognized” or “out of office” by the system.

Why is good Email Hygiene important right now?

With lockdown, it is becoming increasingly difficult to market your products to new customers for various reasons. It will not be possible for you to make use of your office phone for outbound telemarketing for sales. Proper email practices are intended to send out to individuals familiar to you or from whom you can expect to hear something back. For this, it will be imperative for you to nurture your present customers consisting of those soft bounces which might still be available to you. The value of your email database becomes more instantly since lockdown has signified a wider emphasis on retention as compared to acquisition.

One more reason why email hygiene might become important is due to the emergence of social media which implies that platforms like LinkedIn have turned out to be oversaturated right now. Therefore, this might make the marketers turn to email more right now.

What do you mean by Email Validation?

It is a fact that email happens to be amongst the most effective and preferred channels of communication right now. However, the bad thing is that only a small percentage of the email addresses happen to be accurate and the incorrect data is mainly because of human error. The usage of email validation will help to make sure that the collection of data is always up to the standards. It will be possible to prevent fraud and also safeguard your sender’s reputation with the help of email address validation.

For what reason is Email Validation important

  • Helps to get rid of hard bounces – 

On most occasions, hard bounces take place because there is no existence of the email addresses or the user has decided to close it. Otherwise, it might be because of a fabricated email address.

  • Blacklists – 

It will not be possible for the email messages to be accepted by the server in case they become blacklisted in the long run (including essential transactional emails).

  • Minimizes spam complaints – 

It has been dictated by the best practice that it will be a good idea to receive fewer than 5 spam complaints for every 4,000 email messages that have been sent out.

Let us hope that, after going through this article you have some good idea regarding email hygiene and validation as well as their importance.

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