Ways of Planning for the First Golf Trip

More than 80% of the golf trips take place very near to the homes of people. But about 8.2 million people enjoy playing golf as part of leisure activities. Planning golf trips between work turns are so relaxing.

On golf trips, you always push your friends to play better. If you are heading for your first golf trip, always be prepared to face any situation. Just with one great plan, you can go on many golf trips in the future.

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Tips on planning for the first golf trip

·       Plan for the golf trip in an organized way

Firstly, plan on finding the right group of friends for playing golf. Take the responsibility for giving the details of the trip. Put some rules at the start so that there are no problems later on. Divide the work between all the players so you are not left with doing everything.

·       Think of getting the group together

Playing golf with friends is always better than staying alone. The magical number is divisible by four. Likewise, many golf organizers think eight is the magic number while playing golf. You have to arrange between accommodations, meals, and flights. You can plan for the trip at least 6 months in advance.

Make the planning and send out bulk invitations to all the people planning for the trip. You can send emails to them giving the date and details of the trip. Send the mails to at least 20 people with a rule that the first seven to respond will get the seats.

·       Choosing various courses

There are various golf courses available to the players. It can be a lot of fun to visit lesser-known golf clubs also. Secondly, it’s better to choose courses that are in line with expertise and experience with the players in the group. It’s best to follow an established golf trail to make the planning easier for the first-timers.

·       It’s best to opt for first class for the first golf trip

Don’t go cheap when you are planning for your first golf trip. Further, you can use a golf travel agent to get everything in place. Research all the accommodations as much as you can. While it can be enjoyable to share rooms on golf trips, but having a private room is a greater choice.

By having your own space means that you will not get tired of others’ company at the end of the trip. You can plan for the meals carefully so you can enjoy them in a fancy restaurant at least once.

·       Pack sufficiently for the golf trip

Check the dress code of the golf trips to pack accordingly. Take some casual outfits with you as well. Just pack light and take only what you need in the games.


If possible, reserve a golf cart in advance in some of the courses. Carefully plan the golf trip and enjoy the fun out of the games.

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