The Ultimate Guide To Hire a Shopify Developer (including cost)

Today Shopify is one of the biggest names in the eCommerce industry, and for businesses looking to establish themselves online, that means it is one of the most preferred platforms out there. The user-friendly interface, powerful performance, and impressive layouts are the perfect way to garner raving reviews from your audience.

However, it would also require professional inputs and approaches to take care of the technical details involved. Without an expert, it may feel like you’re drowning in the task lists for your website and can cause unnecessary delays. Now we know it can be tricky to choose the right developers for your Shopify store, so we thought we can help you have a little checklist to keep important points in your mind.

  • Find out where and how you want to present your website and plan accordingly.
  • Choose the right budget within your reach and work around it to include on your website.
  • Provide clear pricing details to your products for your users to analyze and decide.

What Does a Shopify Expert Bring to Your Website:

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Talking about eCommerce stores and quality, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Over the years as your business expands, and it becomes all about a thousand different features acting together to bring in conversions, having a Shopify expert right from the start can save you sweat and tears. Having rich experience and knowledge in the domain, they can literally pull out your store in action-oriented results while keeping to the best of industry-standards.

  • Excellent professionalism for carrying out errands:

A heads up: your Shopify store would require a lot of technical updates every week. So, be it dealing with crucial tasks or seamless customer experience, your Shopify experts can juggle in between things to bring the perfect balance to the continuous function of your store.

  • Saving time and money

If you’d ask a business owner the most valued possession they hold, and you’d realize it is their time, more than their money. If you thought starting a Shopify store is time taking, then maintaining it is seriously the longest.

Having Shopify experts onboards can give a sense of purpose and speed to your store, without even having to do much. They can literally whip things up in minutes for your website to be nicely up and running in between, simultaneously.

  • Customizations and Integrations

No matter how unique and aesthetically pleasing your Shopify storefront is, it’s all in vain if it poses a problem for ease of usage for customers. This is where Shopify experts come in, helping you to explore the best of both possibilities and go the extra mile to make it successful.

Similarly, your Shopify store may require numerous integrations along the way for more conversions. That may include integrating secure, faster payment options or even social media buttons for audience engagement. Without having an expert on board, such important tasks may take forever to finish and get held up.

Now that you know about the benefits of having a Shopify expert hired for your eCommerce website, how much does it actually cost to hire one? Is there any way to have an estimation of the prices involved? Let’s see.

Cost-Involved: Breakdown

A lot depends on the plan chosen for your Shopify store, starting with exclusive tools that can be your strength in the long term. Among the many firsts, you’d also need to have expenses as the domain registration charges, or any paid apps to take that permission.


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The costs shall also hugely depend on the business owners’ decision to hire part-time/freelancers or full-time, dedicated Shopify professionals. In the current day, one can also choose to outsource the development work to keep things seamless and uncomplicated. While for full-time professionals the charges can be higher than that of freelancers, the dedicated developer would be giving a majority of their time and effort entirely to your website.

Shopify has three main plans: with the basic plan starting at USD $29 per month, to all the way up to USD$ 2,000. As a business owner, on an estimate, it may take up to $500 to set up your digital store. However, the charges may be as low as $5-$10 per hour, in case you’re starting out with a smaller store with a few functionalities, before going all out.

If you’re based in other parts of the world, the cost involved in hiring a Shopify expert can be a lot more different. Reports say that the average hourly price of web developers in South America, Europe, and the Middle East can be anywhere between USD$60 to $80.

Similarly, in Canada and the US, the prices can range anywhere between $81 to $100 per hour.

And if you’re looking to hire web developers from Asia, their hourly prices can range from $20 to $50 per hour, given the experience you’re looking for in your eStore.

The price involved will also depend on the scale of your business, for example, according to the 2018 Freelancing Gig reports, developing a full-scale Shopify store could cost you anywhere from $700 to $1000. It happens because of the additional tasks involved in setting up a large, renowned business digitally with numerous product pages, functionalities, etc.

Wrapping Up

It’s one thing to have a Shopify store setup online, and another to keep it perfectly working for your customers. No matter how much you spend on it, it would require time and patience to evolve into a greater store and yield maximum profits. Therefore, having the right experts along the way can make your life easier by many times.

If you’re looking to hire right now, here are a few good Shopify Partner developers from around the globe-

Digital Agency (Philadelphia, PA) If you’re looking for a development agency for Shopify in the US, 1Digital is highly rated and is a full-service eCommerce shop. From design and development to digital marketing, they may cost more than other options but they have everything you need in one place.

CodeClouds (Fort Wayne, IN)- CodeClouds is a global company with offices in the US, New Zealand, Australia, and India. Because most of the development team is offshore, the rates are lower than other US-only options. They offer a full suite of services as well, and unlike others their design services include things like packaging design!

Arham (Bilimora, India) – Arham is an offshore choice for hiring a Shopify expert with excellent reviews. They don’t offer as many services as the others listed, but they can still design and develop your storefront and promise to do so at an affordable rate compared to many local options.

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