The Boom in Temporary Jobs Among COVID 19

Temporary hiring is on the rise for the past few years owing it to be more viable compared to others. This rise saw a peak since the last year due to the effect of COVID. These jobs are awarding individuals with the chances of experiencing a variety of industries, switching to the flexibility of work hours to filling the resume gaps. These benefits have contributed to a jump of 41% demand of these jobs from the last April. The whole process being entirely different from on-boarding permanent employees, let’s take a look at how the boom took place.

The COVID Impact

The virus and its onset hampered the entire job market’s scenario, globally. 30million Americans lost their job. Every one individual among five was found to have signed for unemployment benefits and an average income per individual dropped down to below $1000. With this scenario of lower chances of receiving steady work, the want for temporary jobs and freelancing rose. The overall appeal of receiving an added income became quite attractive to most individuals running short of work.

Promoter Industries

The temporary jobs saw a rise steeply in the industries dealing with information technology, web development, and project management. It was also the highly flexible tech-startups that witnessed flourishment due to the workforce shifting towards temp employment. The industries that were fond of permanent employment too swayed themselves in this tide of hiring contractually. Healthcare is one such other industry that has seen employment rise dramatically in the span of the last few months. The permanent working getting overstuffed at work motivated the industry to run hire for temp positions. These hiring drives helped the permanent workers to take a serious break off their job and let temp position holders explore this very new avenue of proving or sharpening their skills over a very short time.

Longer Effects

The permanent postings are what are prevalent globally. With the trends shifting, these temp jobs might bring a global revolution to the lifestyle the current job market holds and do justice to both the employers and the employees. Statistics reveal that about 84% of the temp employees prefer this position over being permanent employees. These hiring help individuals juggle their personal and professional life well with increasing their productivity.

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