Questions To Ask Your Commercial Architect

file of safety helmet and architect pland on wood table with sunset scene and building construction

Selecting a commercial architect can be an extremely challenging task for a developer or an owner to do as there are certain aspects involved while hiring one such as experience, previous projects, design skills, creativity, and his/her willingness to work with a team. Since the construction of commercial projects is subject to constant structuring and restructuring, your chosen commercial architect must be able to think on his feet and still come up with a masterpiece. This is why hiring a commercial architect can be a difficult task. However, by asking the questions listed below you are sure to find the right one. 

  • What is the process?

By asking this question, you can easily get to know his knowledge about the field. As the architectural design process is usually divided into 4 phases and every architect deals with the design process in his own way, you will get to know the professional better by knowing how he deals with it. You can also put forth a situation spontaneously and ask the architect’s advice on it to check his knowledge and skills. 

  • What is the anticipated timeline?

With the market moving at an extremely fast pace, setting timelines is quite necessary. So you need to ask the commercial architect when he’s available, when can he begin working on the project, and how long will the construction take. With this, you may also get a slight idea of the experience of the architect.

  • What is your experience in my area?

This is perhaps the most significant question one needs to ask a commercial architect because the more cities or localities an architect has worked in, the more he’s aware of the building codes of those areas. In other words, unlike residential projects, the codes and safety measure bars are much higher for commercial projects. So an architect who has worked in various areas will be well updated and experienced. Although this cannot be a deal-breaker, you will get an idea if the architect knows the ins and outs of working in your area and on your kind of project. 

Therefore, by asking the aforementioned questions to a commercial architect, you get to know his/her dedication and seriousness, adaptability to any minute or major changes, and his experience in the field. Stendel Reich architecte commercial provides you with the best solutions in the field of commercial architecture while taking your projects to new heights. 

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