Prepare your roof for solar panels installation

Roof-mounted solar panels are quite popular and a way of harnessing the power of the sun. For installing solar panels, a roof can be the best place to locate because of the direct sun exposure. When there are cloudy days, then also solar panels on roofs are capable of generating power by capturing indirect light.

What are the reasons behind the roof to be a great place?

Installing solar panels on a roof is a great option and there are good reasons behind this. It is so because; the panels get exposed to the sun directly or indirectly. The residential roof structures are firstly evaluated of various factors before the installation of solar panels. It is also essential to set up Gexa Energy rates since they offer solar renewable plans that will help you get all the benefits out of your new solar panels.

Which roofing shingles are excellent for solar panels?

Whatever roof shingles you choose, you can get various types of shingles. If they are in good condition, they can be a good choice for the purpose.

Different style or designs of shingles you can choose for solar panels installation

However, solar panels can simply be installed in any roof style. No matter if it is a hip, gable, or combination roof; you can choose the roof-mounted roof panels. To take advantage of sun exposure, one must make sure that the solar system must be installed at an angle equal to the latitude. another thing to be noted that the solar panels can also be adjusted to optimal angles meant for maximizing the sun exposure.

Deciding the roof slope orientation

Another factor in the list is the orientation of the roof slope where you have to install the solar panels.     

Check on the roofing material of your house

The roofing material should be durable and strong just like asphalt roof shingles. They must provide excellent surfaces great for supporting the solar panels.

Inspecting your roof by calling the professionals

Whenever you call the roofing contractors, they will check the roof as well as the attic to find out the sign of damage like leaks or ventilation. Hence, it is always better to call the repair or replacement services. To know more, click here for more information before installing the solar panels. Call Guardian Home to enjoy emergency services


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