Must-Have Temple Jewellery For South Indian Brides

It is the dream of every Indian woman to look perfect and chic on their wedding day. Jewellery is the style statement that adds the final touch and elegance to the whole outfit. Though there are various jewellery patterns in today’s world the temple jewellery has become very popular. This is because they are bold and dominate the entire outfit as they are; they are antique jewellery used to adorn idols of Gods and Goddesses. They were found in recent times in the chest of royal families, and then it came into trend.

Patterns in Temple Jewellery

There are various motifs and figurines made into temple jewellery to depict the culture and tradition. Some of them are:

  • Lord Shiva
  • Peacocks
  • Goddess Lakshmi
  • Lord Krishna
  • Swans
  • Lotus flowers
  • Other Indian royal figurines and deities

They are primarily made with a base metal as a combination of gold, silver and copper and at times embedded with precious stones like emerald, diamonds, pearls, rubies and other gemstones.

Types of Temple Jewellery Ornaments

The different kinds of jewellery website that offers a wide variety temple jewellery are:

  1. Necklaces:

This is of two types, the long haram kind and the short choker kind. The short choker and one or two harams are worn on the big day by Indian brides to look grand and exquisite. The haram has either beaded or coin chains with a big royal pendant in the middle. The long chains are worn to add layers to the jewellery. The chokers mostly are of the same size throughout and are worn to complete the entire neck collection of jewellery.

  1. Jhumkas:

These are the pretty earpieces that portray Indian tradition. They may be either intricate or simple, but they are the essential jewellery to complete the surreal bridal look. This comes in various patterns, sizes, shapes and weights. Choose the one that goes with the necklace pattern to look stunningly paired with the accessories. These are designed with diamonds that create a more luxurious look and are available in all diamond jewellery store.

  1. Bangles:

This is also known as Kangan and comes with various intricate patterns portraying the above-discussed ways in multiple forms and shapes. These are typically the chunky bangles with adjustable screws to fit even bigger hands. They can be worn as a single bangle for regular occasions and paired with other bangles to complete the ethnic, bridal look.

  1. Maang Tikka:

These are the head accessories all south Indian brides wear on their wedding day. It is either a single chain with an oversized pendant or has layers to cover the entire head area. This again comes in an authentic temple pattern to match the other temple jewellery accessories. These are embedded with semi-precious stones and pearls to accentuate their looks.

  1. Kamar Bandh:

Kamar Bandh is the hip accessory that all south Indian brides wear compulsorily to complete the bridal look. The temple pattern Kamar bandh also compliments the Indian attire by creating the perfect silhouette and enhancing body contours. Temple designs in a Kamar bandh come in various types, patterns, sizes, designs, and different figurines.

The Takeaway

Besides the ornaments mentioned above, there are other smaller pieces of jewellery like temple pattern rings, earring tikka, and other hair braid accessories. It is the perfect choice for a South Indian wedding as it has a myriad of traditionally handcrafted designs to show the diversity and value of our culture. Hence it is a must-have in all bridal trousseau, and there is also some temple jewellery with a modern touch to create a contemporary touch to it.

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