How to turn your local chicken farm into a profitable business.

Traditionally, local chicken is easy to rear. They needed less management and care from their farmers. A farmer just had the chickens survive on their own hence their production was low, they searched for food and water outdoor, Finding worms, grains, and small insects in the field. This limited the rate at which they reproduced. Many people have been avoiding the business of rearing local chickens because they have a mentality that they take too long to grow. This is true until you understand the best way to rear these chickens. It will become clear that they are the easiest to rear since they look for their food. In this article, we shall be talking about how to improve the rate of local chicken production without using any antibiotics to make the business profitable.


Chickens need a spacious house that is efficiently ventilated this is to avoid congestion. Since chickens need to rest too, the house should have perches where they can root themselves at night. The house should be raised and fenced with wire mesh to prevent them from predators.


When you have a large number of chickens, proper feeding other than leftover food, maize leaves, worms, and other food which they search outdoor, a farmer should supplement other food. This ensures that the chicken gets a balanced diet. They should also be provided with water.

Proper hygiene

Chickens are very sensitive when it comes to hygiene. A firmer can easily infect his chicken with diseases that can kill them. It should be made sure that only a few staff have the permission to enter their house. The floor should be covered with coffee husks and woods, this prevents it from the chicken droppings.


The process of hatching can be either by the hen or an incubator. For high production of the chicken, once a chicken lays eggs, they should be collected and incubated before the other is given time to start laying again. This spares the time the hen takes to incubate and rear the chicks

Find a market.

Once you have a market for your products, for example, eggs, it will demand you to find more means of making your chickens lay more frequently. This will be ensured by providing your chicken with a balanced diet. Papa Earth meat delivery buys local chicken from farms then sell them to their customers.

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