How To Pick The Right Brake Pads?


How To Pick The Right Brake Pads?

From the older mechanically operated brake shoes and drum system to today’s controlled ABS system, the automotive brake system has come a long way. And, among them, brake pads are the most significant part of a vehicle as they are subjected to constant wear and tear. Due to this, these parts need regular servicing or replacement. Although sticking with your original equipment manufacturer is always recommended, choosing the right brake pads is quite difficult given the availability of multiple options and brands in the market. We shall thus take a glance at the things one should consider before choosing the right brake pads.

  • Performance

Brake pads of good quality should perform flawlessly in all kinds of environments, be it muddy, dry, or rainy. It is this performance that determines the quality of the brake pads. Thus, one needs to test the brake pads performance wise before purchasing them.

  • Ceramic brake pads

These brake pads are quite expensive, but not only do they offer a remarkably long lifespan but the best warranty as well. These pads are made from a dense ceramic material with embedded copper fibres. Although these pads are expensive, they are worth every extra penny spent as they can survive extreme temperatures, wear and tear, offer efficient braking and produce less dust and noise than other brake pads.

  • Semi-metallic brake pads.

These pads are made from materials like steel, iron, copper as well as friction modifiers and fillers. Although the semi-metallic brake pads come with more dust and noise, they offer comparatively enhanced braking performance. Further, they may wear the brake rotors and drums more quickly. So you need to analyze whether these brakes would suit your vehicle or not.

  • Organic brake pads

Organic brake pads are made from glass, rubber, fibre, carbon, and Kevlar. Since these brake pads are not so abrasive on the rotor surfaces, they produce less noise and dust. Even though the organic brake pads wear out much quicker, they are fitted in most of the cars in the United States. You can thus find out which brake pads will suit your vehicle and purchase them accordingly.

There are several aspects to finalizing brake pads for your vehicle. So you need to consider factors such as the weight, the driving style, and the kind of climates in your region before you choose the right brake pads at

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