Historical Trading in Silver Coins

There is a saying that says that money makes the world go round. This saying may be true but, silver made the world go round in early commerce. For the last 5000 years, silver played a significant role in trade when the first Mesopotamian shekel circulated.

The Persians used silver coins in 612-330 BC. The elites of Lydia and Ionia who lived in Asia Minor in 650-600 BC used silver and gold coins to pay their armies. It is the earliest form of minted coins known to man.

The usage of silver coins stretches over many centuries. Mass production started in the times of Greece. The Greeks produced silver drachmas, which were popular coins used in trade. The Romans also used silver coins known as denarii.

The significant role of silver coins is self-evident with the recent discovery of  5,500 Roman coins in Augsburg, Germany. In this most important discovery in Germany, the weight of the ancient Roman coins was 33 pounds. Researchers found the precious coins in an old riverbed.  

Augsburg, where they found the coins, is located about 40 miles northwest of Munich. Today Augsburg is where the military camp of the late Emperor Augustus was in 8 and 5 B.C.E. The military camp eventually became the town of Augusta Vindelicorum. The city later became the capital of the Roman province of Raetia.

Archaeologists investigate rumors that the hidden money found outside the city dates back to the third century. A flood washed the buried silver denarii away hundreds of years later, and archeologist believes that the gravel in the river bed covered the coins. 

The money probably belonged to people who had been active in the military or trade since it must have had an enormous economic value. Within the find are some rare and old coins. In 54 to 68 C.E. Ceasor Nero minted one of the oldest coins found within the treasure.  Within the collected silver coins, there are also more recent coins which date to the time of Septimius Severus, who reigned 193 to 211 C.E. The rarest coins are from the reign of Didius Julianus, in 193 C.E. He ruled for just two months before being killed.

 A recent find also exposed another example of ancient silver coins. It is a silver coin minted in colonial Boston in 1652. The silver coin recently sold for $351,912. Before 1797,  Britain made British pennies of silver. They used silver coins for many centuries to facilitate trade.

The 3rd economic revolution made it even easier to trade in silver coins. If you want to buy silver in Melbourne, it is easy to access the online websites of dealers and refineries that offer a wide selection of silver coins to novice and seasoned buyers.

Buying silver bullion in Melbourne offers you a wide selection of silver coins minted by many countries of the world. These silver bullion coins provide opportunities for short-term traders and investors who want to buy and hold the silver coins as a hedge and value accumulator.

Silver bullion coins trade at a lower volume than gold, yet it is still a major investment tool, widely used in commerce. Many people believe that the market value of silver is below its inherent value. They think that once the current fiat banking system ends, a revaluation of the market value of silver will cause the price of silver to increase dramatically.


Throughout the ages, silver coins protected investors against market uncertainties. Silver bullion coins should be part of your short-term and possibly long-term investment portfolio.


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