Here’s why you need to try local pizzerias in Montreal

Canadians love pizza! It is quite evident from the fact that there are so many pizza chains, including local ones. If you are in Montreal, you will find a wide range of local pizzerias, many of which have their own signature offerings. Double Pizza, for instance, has been around for almost a decade. While the big pizza chains are always welcome, you need to try the local pizzerias in Montreal, which are worth the hype. Here are a few more reasons to try the flavors of this city. 

  1. Keeping up the craft of pizza making. Making a perfect pizza is a craft, and local pizzerias have been doing a lot to keep up with the craft of pizza making. They ensure that their pizzas are as authentic to the local tastes and preferences, as possible, and their kitchen staff is often trained in the profession. From making the perfect dough to adding the right toppings, local pizza outlets know it all!
  2. Love for pizza. Another reasons why you must local pizzas in Montreal is because of the authentic flavors. From the standard Hawaiian pizza that originated in Canada, to garlic fingers, deep dishes, and other standard Montreal favorites, you can find everything. Some pizzerias have managed to review the standard options and give pizzas more flavor and toppings. Experimentation is their forte, and these restaurants know that pizza is all about craft.  
  3. Local pizzas you may not tried. Canada is home to many pizza variants that you may not have tried before. From the Windsor-style pan pizza, to classic-dressed of Montreal and famed donair pizza, you will find many choices here. If you happen to be a vegan or are following the keto diet, you will find many local outlets in Montreal selling one variant or the other. 

In Canada, the favorite toppings include bacon, pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, and loads of cheese, matched with the perfect red sauce. Each region has its varieties, but Montreal pizzerias often have the best from each place, and that’s also a good reason to try the local options. Don’t shy away from trying something new, and go give a shot to the classic deep-dish or Hawaiian pizza, which remain a favorite of pizza addicts. With the right pizzeria delivering at home, you cannot go wrong, and yes, do get some chilled beer on the side – that’s the perfect combination for a cool and fun Saturday. 



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