Here’s why importers prefer working with customs brokers

The global trade environment is constantly evolving. Importing goods into Canada for commercial purposes isn’t the easiest task, primarily because of the compliance requirements, rules, and regulations set by the CBSA (short for the Canadian Border Services Agency). Working with a full-service customs broker has many advantages. Importers often rely on full-service brokers for everything related to international trade. For example, you can use tools like Clearit import calculator to find about costs. In this post, we are sharing an overview of why customs brokers matter.

The basics

For the uninitiated, customs brokers in Canada are licensed by the CBSA and may refer to an individual, business, or partnership. These customs brokers have the experience and expertise to simplify importers, and they often work with commercial importers to offer valuable advice on international trade.

How can customs brokers help?

The role of a licensed customs broker can vary for each client. They help with some of the key tasks like customs valuation and classification of tariffs. They work with clients to offer help with customs clearance, and with the help of government-initiated programs, they can minimize the manual work. In fact, a considerable part of the customs clearance can be done online. Some customs brokers are also skilled in trade consulting, and they can offer a detailed overview of emerging markets. They can also help with freight consolidation and management as needed. Depending on the profile, some brokers also specialize in warehousing and distribution.

Minimize the stress

The key reason to hire a customs broker is to minimize the work. By allowing experts to look into the customs evaluation and clearance process, you can focus on your core operations. Importers often have a dedicated customs broker to handle their freights and goods regularly. Since these experts and customs brokerage agents work with the CBP agents frequently, they have a working relationship that can benefit clients. Recordkeeping and help with auditing can further minimize the stress of importing.

Finding the right customs broker

While all customs brokers are licensed, you need to find one that has the best service profile. The customs broker should be able to handle your importing needs and must have instant support. Many companies offer support for importers around the clock, and you can rely on them to resolve all issues that are likely to happen.

Check the reviews of a customs broker before you choose one.

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