Everything You Should Know About Vertigo and How to Manage It

Balance and coordination are very important while performing complex tasks. Even the ADLs referred to as Activities of daily living (such as brushing teeth, changing clothes, eating, bathing, etc) cannot be done effectively and precisely without an apt amount of balance. 

Ears, other than being our hearing organs, also help us maintain our balance too. They have semicircular canals which are responsible for the task. Any disbalance might be a result of Vertigo. Find out what Vertigo is and its treatment here! 

What Is Vertigo: What are the Symptoms and Causes of Vertigo?

Patients suffering from Vertigo feel their head spinning without any stimulus. Even the slightest of activity can make the brain spinny. Alongwith the dizziness, patients feel nausea, lightheadedness, hearing difficulty, and diplopia (commonly known as double vision).

Vertigo can be a result of:

  1. Infection
  2. Migraine
  3. Menerie’s disease
  4. Injury to the inner ear

Assessment and Evaluation Plans 

For the treatment plan, the patient has to be accessed for the level of lesion or infection first through different instruments and methods. Some of the most commonly known procedures are as follows!

  1. Videonystagmography (VNS) to check for basic imbalance in relation to vertigo. 
  2. General assessment for oscillopsia with non-invasive methods.
  3. Visual Tests through oculomotor assessment.

Management and Treatment Plans 

After the assessment of the patient and report generation, the next step involved is the treatment which varies from patient to patient according to their disability from mild to moderate and severe. 

Numerous audiology centers provide rehab services for Vertigo. But, being a delicate matter, you must only consult a well proven clinician or center such as Audiologie Centre West

The many reasons that clinics like Audiologie are the best options are as follows.

  • The staff has been helping patients gain their stability with a well planned treatment plan comprising of medications, exercise, and necessary surgeries (if required). 
  • The Audiologie Centre West vertigo treatment program is comprehensive and patient-oriented. Practitioners at this clinic are well trained, equipped, and, above all, they are compassionate to each of their patients.

Some of the key features of the Rehab program include the following. 

  1. Repositioning Maneuver and vestibular rehab program for mild vertigo at initial stages.
  2. Patient-oriented Vestibular Rehab program for moderate disease.
  3. Long-term patient oriented clinical program for severe disability caused by Vertigo. This includes, an hour long clinical session, follow-up calls after every few weeks, and redesigning of the rehab program as per the requirements of the patient.
  4. Patient management with the help of devices like Dizzy fix.

In case you want to schedule an appointment for yourself or any of your friends and family members, getting in touch with Audiologie Centre West through their website is the best thing to do.

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