Entertainment unit or wall mount: The best pick for your TV

Most buyers have a fair idea of where they want the TV placement, even before they buy one. There are two choices when it comes to placing the television – You can either have an entertainment unit, or a wall mount. Both have a few pros and cons. There is also the third option called the ceiling mount, which isn’t always a great choice for homes. Websites like Prime Cables have a wide range of TV mounts on offer, but before you take a call, here are some things to know. 

Pros and cons of entertainment units

If you have the space, a good-looking entertainment unit can add aesthetic appeal to your home and can hold the TV and all other accessories in place. Entertainment units do take up floor space, which is why these are not ideal for small homes in particular. However, you do get extra space that can be an advantage for keeping clutter out of sight. Some televisions, although rare, cannot be mounted on the wall, and if you have such a model, entertainment unit is a must. 

Pros and cons of wall mounts

When it comes to wall mount, there is hardly any disadvantage, except for the fact that you need the right space on the wall for the screen. You have to select a wall that’s sturdy, and while most wall mounts do work on drywalls, some don’t. Wall mounts can have articulating arms, so you can move the screen both horizontally and vertically, which can actually enhance your viewing experience and allow you to watch television from different parts of the room. 

Where to buy?

If you are looking for wall mounts, online stores are your best bet. You can check for fixed wall mounts, which are the cheapest, but you cannot adjust the viewing angles. Tilting wall mounts are slightly more expensive, and you can adjust the screen vertically only. Full-motion wall mounts are the most expensive of all, but offer an enhanced viewing experience. online stores have all sorts of deals, discounts, and rebates on offer, so you can expect to get decent wall mounts under $50. 

There are mounts for television that double up as an entertainment unit, and these are quite versatile and useful for homes where wall space is not available. Before you get a wall mount, do check the installation requirements, as some mounts must be installed professionally. 

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