Do You Know that All the Bad Habits Are Actually Making Your Heel Pain Much Worse?

If you have heel discomfort, you know how difficult it may be to do simple things like just getting from one room to another. Plus, there is more. You could be exacerbating your heel discomfort by developing bad behavior that harm your feet.

Are you experiencing heel pain? Did you spend hours trying to treat yourself your condition by looking on the internet? Are you very desperate for relief and ready to try a variety of home therapies?

Did youanswer“yes” toany of these questions? Then you must read this post.

Few plantar fasciitissigns

Plantar fasciitis is the basic cause of heel discomfort. Your plantar fascia can be a certain strong tissue band that extends from the heel to finally your toes along the sole of your foot. As you walk, it supports your foot arch and absorbs impact.

Generally, pain may occur if the plantar fasciitis has torn, inflamed, or injured. It basically refers to an irritated plantar fascia.

There are a few indicators that you may be having plantar fasciitis.

  • Your feet may hurt in the morning with your very first steps
  • You are a runner
  • You have got either high arches or flat feet
  • You have got a heel spur
  • You have pain almost everywhere on thebottomof the foot.

Fortunately, foot and ankle specialist Orange County specializes in the pain of the heel and can assist you in identifying the unhealthy habits that are causing your agony.

When it is concerning your heel discomfort, here are a few things you are doing wrong.

1. You are ignoring your weight

Your weight and also the pressure exerted on your feet have a direct relationship. Even a single pound over your optimal weight might put up to eight pounds of pressure on your feet. Even losing 10% of your weight can relieve a lot of pressure on your feet while also providing a slew of other health advantages.

2. You do not rest

We often laud someone for their ability to persevere in the face of adversity, yet doing so causes far more damage than good. Stressing an already damaged region of your body worsens the situation. Your natural healing process of the body is also slowed when you deny it the rest that it needs.

Furthermore, pushing beyond heel pain may encourage you to adjust for it by changing your walking style or standing in awkward positions, which can lead to difficulties in other regions such as your back, hips, and knees.

3. You are wearing any wrong shoes

The right footwear is essential for maintaining a healthy set of feet. If you are in a healthy condition or have any injury that causes you heel discomfort, your footwear choice is even more critical. High heels, which put more pressure on the feet, and tiny, cheap flip flops, that lack arch support, are also to be avoided.

Instead, choose shoes with enough cushion, arch support, and space for the toes to move around easily.

4. You never stretch before the activity

You probably know that stretching and warming up your body prior to exercise is crucial, but you may not understand that the same idea applies to the feet. Before exercising, your musclesof the feet, tendons, ligaments, and any other connective tissues must be “warmed up.”

5. You are not wearing necessary supports

Have you worn your orthodontics or braces for a long time? That might be the source of all your heel pain. To limit the chance of damage and relieve pain, it is critical that you maintain to utilize your recommended supportive device.

6. You sit/stand for a longer time

It may be difficult to limit how much time you spend standing on your feet or in your chair depending on your employment, and you can do something like change positions and take a break. This aids in the circulation of blood and relieves some of the strain on your feet.

7. You diagnose yourself by using the internet rather than seeing a doctor

It was just a matter of time before Google saved the day… It is a lot less work than visiting the doctorin wound care Orange County. You end up spending another few hours studying heel spurs and how to cure them.

8. You invent your treatment plan.

Your ache could be a certain heel spur, according to a Google article! You are quite pleased to have a probable solution because of reading this news.

9. You think that your pain will just go away

You will take pain medicine to cover your agony as you watch for it to go away. After a few weeks of feeling better after taking the drug, you acknowledge to yourself anything has not improved.

Is there any treatment for the heel pain?

The best part is that options are there for treating your heel discomfort. Doctors in Orange County wound care can first assess the underlying reason for your heel pain before proposing a specific therapy. If you are having any indicatio of pain then you must not delay.


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