Closed loop extraction – a short case study

There are many components that go into the making of complex chemical and biochemical materials used in daily life. The proper and meticulous mixing of materials in the right proportion is necessary to manufacture required products. Similarly, sometimes components have to be separated from base materials to get constituents out of them.

There are many methods to separate the constituent components from the parent material. One of the most common processes used is extraction. Extraction is a process by which only the desired portions of parent material are separated. 

There are experienced companies like, that can effectively carry out your extraction needs in the best quality and cost-effectively. It is a cheap and easy way to separate complex ingredients. There are mainly two types of extraction processes:

  • Open-loop extraction
  • Closed loop extraction

Both the extraction processes have gained popularity in the open market. But the one that has a major procedural advantage and efficiency is the closed-loop extraction process. 

In the closed-loop extraction process, the whole process happens in a vacuum chamber that is sealed from the outside atmosphere. This will make sure that no solvent is lost to the atmosphere as vapor.

Some of the main advantages of the closed-loop extraction process are as follows:

  • Safety
  • Cost-effective
  • Higher quality extraction
  • Maximum efficiency

It is safer to extract components using closed-loop extraction because the hydrocarbon solvents used are inflammable. This means that the chance of the input or output components catching fire is very less. 

This is basically because the hydrocarbon solvents never come in contact with air. Solvents in the vacuum will never get converted to harmful or flammable material. It is one reason why closed loop extraction is considered safer than most other separation processes.

The other upside of a closed loop extraction system is that it can be very cost-effective. This is because in a closed loop system, as the name suggests, the whole process is isolated from the atmosphere and closed in a loop. 

This will mean that solvents can be reused and not go to waste after a single-use. A closed loop enables the hydrocarbons to be used within the same product multiple numbers of times.

The efficiency and quality of the end product are naturally higher for closed loop extraction. As the vacuum chamber is closed, the contaminants that might enter the extraction process are canceled out. It will greatly help in the extraction of pure and high-quality products.

To conclude, it is essential that you take the association of a well-established extraction equipment company to procure your instruments and pumps to be used for extraction processes.

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