Backdoor Malware and Security Cameras.

A backdoor exploit can negate the normal authentication process to access a system and as a result, remote access is granted to resources within an application such as databases and file servers. This gives cybercriminals the ability to remotely issue system commands and update the malware. Cybersecurity is something everyone is concerned with today. With the technological advancements, the cases of cybercrime have seen a striking surge, which is why people today take all kinds of measures such as password-protected networks or security cameras to protect themselves. Thus, we must know how to protect the cameras from malware including backdoor exploit.

  • Camera firmware update

Keeping the firmware of your cameras updated is the foremost thing to do as it fixes the bugs and other such vulnerabilities of the system which the cybercriminals may take advantage of. Some manufacturers regularly release such updates to ensure security. Some cameras will automatically download these updates, while in some cases, you have to keep an eye on the updates yourself.

  • A password manager

Password manager is a program that suggests extremely strong passwords that are too difficult to crack, preventing any potential backdoor exploits. Besides, these programs also store and remember the passwords for you and may also insert them into your login prompts. Some password managers are even free and are a great way of protecting your security cameras from unwanted breaches.

  • Using different passwords

Apart from changing your passwords regularly, you need to have different passwords for all your digital accounts. If you use the same password for all your accounts the hackers can gain access to all your accounts at a go. So one must always create unique and different passwords for all their accounts to avoid such security breaches.

  • Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is perhaps the most significant aspect when it comes to cybersecurity. The two-factor authentication acts as an extra layer of security. Besides the login ID and password, you can choose to have your security camera company send you passcodes via text messages or email while logging in. This way the hacker won’t be able to log into your accounts or your camera system without the passcode. It is also an easy way to know if someone is trying to log into your account.


Security cameras can be of great use in several instances. One just needs to keep a tab on the system and protect it from cybercriminals. 

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