A Guide on How to Buy Industrial Garage Doors of the Best Quality 

Every industrial building and every warehouse requires a high-quality garage door. Unlike the garage doors for residential villas and homes, the ones required for commercial warehouses have to be much tougher. And finding the right garage door for commercial properties isn’t easy. You’ll find my sellers claiming to offer you the best quality, but very few are telling you the truth. 

So, in this guide, we will walk you through the many ways in which you can figure out which seller to trust and buy a garage door from. Dive in to learn how to fish out the best sellers in town! 

Understand the Definition of Industrial Quality Garage Doors 

Industrial quality garage doors should be made of GX-175 aluminum. This grading is meant to signify the strength of the metal. So, make sure that the seller you’re buying from has this specific grade aluminum door put for sale. For instance, Portes de garage commerciales Garex is one of the most reputable door sellers in Canada and they specifically use the following grade aluminum to make their garage doors robust:

  1. GX-175-FV | SO
  2. GX-175-A |R16
  3. GX-175-S |R16
  4. GX-175-20 |R16

Bear in mind, a robust industrial-grade garage door weighs less than 544 kg and a commercial-grade garage door weighs less than 272 kg. So, buy accordingly! 

Look at the Customization Flexibility Offers by the Sellers 

Just because it’s for industrial use or commercial use doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Elite sellers understand that every client has a different vision in mind and aesthetics matter a lot. So, any seller who’s genuinely aiming to make customers happy will offer at least the following customization options. 

  1. You’ll have the option to choose the opening mechanism depending upon the space you have. 
  2. Whilst the usual colors for aluminum garage doors is white or grey, elite sellers such as Garex offer custom color options too so that you get the doors in a color that you like. 

Look at the Quality and Never Ignore any Specifics

Commercial and industrial garage doors have to go through a lot of rough handling. So, for them to last, they must have the following specifications:

  1. They should offer R16 urethane-type insulation since the temperature drops substantially during the winter season. 
  2. Double lip contour and weatherstripping are essential. The weatherstripping should be inserted between the door panels for added strength. 
  3. The door panels should be fitted with heavy-gauge metal so that the hinges operate properly. 

In a nutshell, for an industrial garage door to be able to deliver the quality and longevity that’s needed, it has to be manufactured with grace under the eyes of expert manufacturers and sellers such as Garex. Hence, be very careful of the seller you choose before choosing the garage doors. 

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