4 Most Appropriate Time to Visit Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is situated on the west bank of Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara. This unassuming community is quite possibly the most loved traveler objection in Indonesia. The explanation is, the territory is an environment for Komodo winged serpents, the most giant reptile species on the planet. Furthermore, Labuan Bajo has lovely sea shores and aquatic parks. Even though it is a little city, Labuan Bajo has an air terminal that serves between island flights. The air terminal is the actual admittance to the traveler’s territory. To get modest flight tickets, you need to figure out the best ideal opportunity to go to Labuan Bajo. We should discover it here!

  1. January-March, Festival Full Month

When visiting in January or February, you can see the Reba Festival. This great occasion was held to offer thanks to the Creator. Around then, the local area gathered different kinds of yields, for example, food harvests and domesticated animals. The beginning of the service is set apart by the assortment of contributions, at that point, trailed by moving, recounting fantasies, and reciting the underlying foundations of the yam.

Towards the finish of March, action in the sea got back to tasks. Guests are permitted to circumvent the ocean by boat. Climbing exercises have started to open, so numerous travelers visit this month.

  1. The Perfect View in April-May

April is the right second to investigate the magnificence of the ocean in Labuan Bajo. Clear skies, blue oceans, and green slopes are the principle attractions of this current month. Hence, numerous vacationers participate in plunging exercises and boat visits. Towards May, the vegetation around Labuan Bajo starts to become yellow. The climate looks clear and clean. The sand under the ocean can be seen from the surface. You can always catch the most beautiful sunset in May.

When June comes, you can watch a customary enclosing show Labuan Bajo. Individuals call it Sagi or Etu clench hand. Even though it appears as a match, there are no prizes available to anyone in this boxing. The Labuan Bajo individuals hold it as a declaration of appreciation for the favors of their progenitors consistently.

  1. July-September; The Rituals and Mating Season of Komodo Dragons

Would you like to meet the Komodo mythical beasts? July and August are the ideal occasions to go to Labuan Bajo. Around there, the Komodo winged serpents were mating. In this way, these creatures are straightforward to discover around Loh Liang National Park.

Aside from the Komodo mythical beasts, you can likewise watch the penti custom. In this custom, there is a Caci hand to hand fighting activity. Two men battled the battle with customary whips. Even thoughthe show looked awful, numerous vacationers were pulled in to watch it.

  1. Seeing Various Types of Fish in October-December

For jumping lovers, you can visit Labuan Bajo in October. The environment in that month is splendid, relaxed, and stable. The landscape in the submerged park is likewise exceptionally fascinating. A few kinds of decorative fish are as yet standing around among the coral reefs. In this way, you can do jumping or swimming exercises.

The climate conditions started to change when it entered December. Downpour frequently falls around evening time. There are very few fish on a superficial level. Nonetheless, you can in any case, plunge during the day.

Suggested Tourist Attractions

Cunca Wulang Waterfall

Cunca Wulung Waterfall is situated in Wersawe Village, Mbeliling, West Manggarai Regency. This cascade is around 25 meters high with a white tone looking like the moon. Around it, there are rough precipices 3-10 meters high. If you dare, you can do the activity of bouncing off the bluff.

Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island is an objective that offers all encompassing perspectives on the sea shore, ocean, and slopes around there. The space of ​​the island is around 32 hectares with housing and common travel industry offices. To arrive, sightseers should take a boat from Labuan Bajo. To get a free intersection, you can leave at 12 early afternoons.


That is the audit of the best an ideal opportunity to go to Labuan Bajo. Presently, you should simply make a movement arrangement.

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